The Market of text, speech and image processing is too wide and every industry can use it to reduce their costs and providing better user experience for their users.

We’ve worked across industries

We’ve operated our services on Banking products, Navigation app, robot and roads cameras.

Clients on Voice Assistant

We’ve Integrated our voice assistant with Banking App of the largest middle east PSP for pay bills, transfer money, buy top-up & so on.

We’ve integrated our voice assistant with the Humanoid Surena Robot.

Clients on Text To Speech

Integrated our text to speech offline SDK with ATMS for visually impaired and elders.

Our Mobile text to speech offline SDK reads the name of streets and …. in their app called “Neshan”. Neshan is a map like “Waze” for drivers with more than 500K users. Most of the online taxi drivers uses this app while driving.

Our clients on Face Recognition

Face spoofing detection in mobile banking

HiBrainy Face spoofing detection can Detect video replays and other copies like an avatar by asking user to move head a certain way and verify that the head was turned in the specified direction

Fraud Prevention in ATMs

HiBrainy face detection can recognizes faces of people in front of ATMs with high accuracy even in dark or worst situations. If someone has covered his/her face then the ATM tells to uncover their face to give service.

Our clients on OCR

Plate Recognition

HiBrainy Plate recognition can detect
- Number
- Model of the car
- Color
With high accuracy even in nights.

Credit Card OCR

HiBrainy Credit card OCR can Detect and extracts the credit card number and Exp date. We’ve integrated our SDK with 2 clients mobile banking.