speech recognition

You can try our speech recognition with your mobile voice recorder or uploading a file easily.


speech recognition

  • Support English & Persian (French, Arabic soon)
  • The ability to develop for the other languages
  • Accuracy > 92 %
  • Realtime streaming support
  • Transcribe speech to text in real-time.
  • Customized vocabulary support
  • Customized Speech recognition for you
  • Running pre-bulit models,tailored for your use case
  • Noise robust
  • Speaker independent
  • Voice activity detection support (VAD)
  • API , SDK for Android, Windows, iOS and Linux
  • It can be integrated with mobile apps, cloud software, connected devices and ultimately internet of things
  • ability to Run on your private cloud

command recognition

  • Accuracy > 92 %
  • Detect predefined keywords or commands with high accuracy
  • Offline SDK
  • api
  • Available both in cloud and local
  • ability to Run on your private cloud


Free Plan

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  • €400 Free Credits for 12 Months
  • No need a Credit card
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Pay as You Go

Top up account and pay for what you consume.

  • HiBrainy Speech API is priced per 15 seconds of audio processed after a free tier .
  • Per 15S(Request) : 0.0009 euro
  • Each request is rounded up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds. For example, if you make three separate requests , each containing 7 seconds of audio, you are billed $0.018 euro for 45 seconds (3 × 15 seconds) of audio. Fractions of seconds are included when rounding up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds. That is, 15.14 seconds are rounded up and billed as 30 seconds.
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Billed by license period or license number

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Are You a Developer ?

You can add Text To Speech, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Face Recognition and Optical Character Recognition API to your app.

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